Office of the Mayor

About Office and Profile of the Mayor of Moses Kotane Local Municipality

About Office of the Mayor.

Moses Kotane is a collective type Municipality run by the Executive Council (EXCO). The Executive Committee is made out of Six Members who head Portfolio Committees of Council including the Mayor as the Chairperson. The portfolio Committees are:

The current EXCO was established in August 2016 after Local Government Elections.

The Office of the Mayor directly administers Special Projects Programmes which have desks administering them, i.e. HIV/ AIDS, Youth, Senior Citizens (Elderly), people with Disability, Women and Children. The Office of the Mayor works with all relevant stakeholders for outreach programmes.

The Office of the Mayor oversees overall legislation responsibilities assigned to the Mayor for accountability purposes. MKLM Mayor Ralesole Diale is supported by the Acting Municipal Manager, Mr Pogiso Shikwane as the head of Administration.

Clr Ralesole Diale

Profile of the Mayor.

The newly elected Mayor of Moses Kotane Local Municipality, Clr Ralesole Diale is not new to local government administration. Having held several leadership positions in the Moses Kotane Local Municipality Council since its establishment in 2000 with the second last as being the Speaker of Council in 2011 to 2016, Mayor Diale is better placed to lead the municipality to greater heights and retaining its rightful position of being the best municipality in the Province.

He is family man who is married to Mrs Talita Diale.

On his leisure time, Mayor Diale prefers to spend his time watching current affairs news.

A teacher by profession, Diale left his beloved profession to join politics with hunger and love to serve the people for them to enjoy the fruits of democracy and freedom that we live in today.

Mayor Diale has portrayed high level of commitment in community development by tirelessly serving the people of Moses Kotane Local Municipality.

His journey in local government started in 1995 when he was a member of the then Rustenburg TRC. He then joined the Moses Kotane Local Municipality in 2000 where he was deployed to be EXCO Member responsible for Infrastructure & Technical Services until 2006. Through his commitment and hard work, he continued serving the community and represented MKLM at the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality until 2011.

After Local Government elections 2011 Diale took over as the Speaker of Council overseeing the administration of Council and public participation until 2016.

Local Government elections 2016 turned a new leaf of his deployment following his unopposed appointment by Council as the Mayor of Moses Kotane Local Municipality of the fourth administration of local government.

His mind is set on ensuring that the lives of the people of Moses Kotane Local Municipality are better than they were before through local economic development and excellent service provision. The focus of his term of administration is on infrastructure development that is geared towards economic development, tourism attraction, and reduction of unemployment amongst key pillars. The road seem clearer for Diale to prosper and lead the municipality to be a better place for all its residents.

Invite the Mayor.

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events in Moses Kotane Local Municipality.

How to invite the Mayor to your event.

** Invites should reach the Mayor’s Office at least four weeks prior to the event. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your invite upon receipt of the invite.
** The Office will confirm the Mayor’s attendance to the event seven working days prior to the event.
** Due to a very busy schedule it is not possible for the Mayor to attend every event that she is invited to.
** All invitations must state the date, time, venue and the objective of the event
** Please indicate what the Mayor is required to do at the event, for example, Welcome address, keynote address, handing over trophies, etc.

Submit your invitations as follows: